The History of Hyakusyun

Mino City in Gifu Prefecture, known for its production of Mino Washi (Japanese paper) with a history of about 1300 years, is located in the middle course of the Nagara River, and is still home to “old streets lined with udatsu (roofed dividing walls)” that carry the atmosphere of the Edo period.
Kosaka brewery is located in the center of Mino City, and received its sake brewery license from the Owari-Tokugawa clan during the Edo period.
The brewery was built in 1772, a stately structure that portrays the history of sake breweries in the Edo period.
With a soft arched “mukuri roof” and udatsus (a short central pillar and dividing walls) on the left and right as well as the center of the roof, this is a magnificent one-of-a-kind structure.
The current owner is of the 12th generation, and continues to strive to produce the best quality Hyakusyun by committing to and protecting the traditional methods of sake brewery to ensure the history of this sake brewery and culture of Mino City will continue to be passed down.